Occasionally, we become forgetful. How many times have you stood up from your cozy chair and then failed to remember why? How many times have you been to a restaurant knowing exactly what you're going to order but you couldn't remember what it was when the server came? When you find yourself in these kinds of situations very often, it's understandable that you'd assume you may be exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's. The good news is your memory problems are not likely to be signs of Alzheimer's. Improving your memory is something you can do in a number of ways. For instance, are you aware that you can have improved memory by eating superfoods?

Eat more fish. You can get omega-3 fatty acids from fish. In addition, fish is rich in DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. What DHA does is ensure the proper firing of neurons in the brain.

Your memory is kept strong when your neurons are firing properly. In addition, eating more fish would mean eating less red meat. Cutting back on your meat consumption will also do wonders for your health. So on your next shopping trip, get more fish and less red meat.

Leafy green veggies will help your memory. The veggies you're eating need to be dark leafy greens. This isn't difficult to do. For example, you can prepare salads using dark green leafy vegetables. And did you know that one cup of raw spinach contains 15% of your daily vitamin E requirement?

It's not known how folates help the brain to work properly, but they do promote better brain function.

The healthy fats found in eggs will help in improving brain function. You can also get your protein from eggs. You won't have a hard time incorporating eggs into your diet. You can make dozens of meals where eggs are used. Eggs can also be eaten plainly because they can be prepared in many different ways. There's nothing special you need to do really in order to eat super foods that can help with your memory. Many super foods are readily available, especially the ones we've mentioned in this article. You've got plenty of ways to prepare them. So there is actually no reason to leave these super foods out of your diet...not when your memory and your overall health stand to benefit.

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Superfoods and Memory